A Tribute To The Most Amazing Woman I know - International Women's Day 2019


I've been married to this amazing woman for almost a year now (t-minus 2 days to be precise). This photo is from the night I ‘put a ring on it’. But I really believe I saw something from the very first time we met and I would have put a ring on it then if I could. That probably sounds crazy but at the very least, I somehow knew she was somehow amazing.

Over the next few years, she would show me exactly how amazing she was. Early on I was simply amazed at how she managed to raise such a beautiful child all by herself, while maintaining some form of lifestyle, 2 jobs, and more importantly, her sanity. I really have so much respect for the single parents out there, keep on rocking!

She has continued to amaze since then, evolving and hitting goal after goal - fitness goals, financial goals, personal goals. If she puts her mind to it, this woman will find a way to make it happen.

The best part of all this is that it inspires me. She was the brains behind Sekushi. She gave me the confidence to quit law and pursue photography by promising me her unwavering support. I’ve never been very ambitious, but her passion for her business and her hunger to achieve, has pushed me and my business to where it is today.

She is an amazing mum, her laugh is loud, but highly infectious, she is beautiful, funny and smart. But this is all just a shadow of the amazing person she really is. She is so much more than I can fill a post with.

Whether its her colleagues, her friends, my clients, or just strangers on the internet, I also know that many of you are much like her. I don’t love any of you like I love her, but you all deserve to be celebrated today and you deserve far better in the world we live in.

Happy International Women’s Day 2019.