The Sekushi Xmas Party

Jessie and Tash Christmas-002.jpg

The Sekushi Xmas Party has become something my wife and I really look forward to. Towards the end of 2017, and after taking the leap and quitting my stable, but otherwise miserable job as a lawyer, only in August, I was surprised to find myself busy enough, to put the idea of finding another law job, out of my mind. That was something I was incredibly thankful for and I wanted a way to show how thankful I was.

As now both my wife and I were self-employed and work Christmas parties were no longer a part of our silly season, we also understood that others might be in the same boat. At least we were not aware of anyone throwing parties for those in the industry my wife was part of. Plenty of people are happy to charge SWers for services and products, like advertising, website designs, photography, and lingerie. But to me, I think the world sees SWers the same way they see weddings, as lucrative financial opportunities.

Anyway, it seemed like hosting my own party for my clients would be the perfect way to show my appreciation, but also give a few people in an industry that I understand to be a little isolating, a chance to network with their colleagues, and also give them a fun event to be excited about during a fun, festive time of the year.

It really started out as a simple way of me saying thanks. I mean the first Xmas party in 2017, after only a few months of full-time business, was held in our small, city apartment. It was the easiest, nicest and CHEAPEST place for it. I made all the food and cocktails myself and bought prosecco instead of champagne. Fast forward to 2018, and now after a full year of full-time work, I thought things needed to be stepped up a notch. I booked out a swanky small room with a private, and most importantly full open bar!

What came out of both parties, was the connections my clients made with each other. It’s no longer the case now, but I remember my wife feeling a little lonely and missing the community she felt she was part of, back when she worked in brothels. Independent work must be isolating and with so many of my clients being new to the industry, I always see such a positive response after the Xmas parties. Even now, the only opportunity my wife really gets to meet one of her peers, is during a doubles booking, and they’re really not that frequent.

It’s now time to organise the 2019 party. It will be in Sydney this year. I’d love to organise an event for all SWers, not just my clients one day, one where tickets are sold so that I’m not paying the bill. But for now, I can only afford to do this for those who have chosen to work with me in the last year or so. These are the people who and are actively helping me live my best life. So if you needed just one more reason to choose to work with me, hopefully this might be it and I’ll hopefully be buying you a drink around Christmas!