Here's Why My Most Popular Image of 2018 Came From This Shoot - Behind The Sekushi #2

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A little bit behind this shoot...

This is Ashton Banks, and her amazing shoot was the most mentioned amongst my clients in 2018, and from it came my best performing Instagram photo for that year. Can you guess which one in the comments below? 

Only a small percentage of my shoots are meticulously planned, so don’t feel bad about making those last-minute bookings. But, its not surprising that the reason why this shoot performed so well, was because so much time went into thinking about it and planning it.

The main reason why it was so well planned was because Ashton is very organized and from the start had a very clear direction for this shoot, based on a tweak in her brand that she wanted to communicate. Basically she wanted to look cute and appear more approachable. 

Ideas and locations are a bit like chickens and eggs. Sometimes a location helps with creating ideas, and sometimes, as was the case with this shoot, the ideas determined the location. We deliberately chose to look at houses rather than hotels because she wanted to look cute and approachable, as opposed to luxurious and expensive. We couldn’t find the perfect place in Melbourne, so we broadened our search and I found a gem in Daylesford (finding locations is actually something I LOVE doing). It was cozy and homey and perfect for creating the girlfriendy vibe Ashton wanted.

Before the shoot, we spent heaps of time discussing the looks she wanted to walk away with, as well as outfits. We also traded reference images so that I was in sync with her vision. Before even arriving at the location I had a very clear idea of what outfit to shoot, where, in what pose, and at what time. In case you were wondering, this level of service is included without any extra charge with ALL of my shoot packages. Its just up to you to make the most of it. 

A lot of our inspiration came from very natural looks found on Playboy’s Instagram and a few Russian boudoir photographers. That certainly inspired the crop t-shirt look and the nudes. I’ve also always been in love with Alice McCall’s Instgram which provided the inspiration for our cute little video. 

While we took plenty of the standard bedroom boudoir photos, you will see from the final images that I tried to use the kitchen, fireplace, front and rear porches, and bathroom as much as possible, and judging by the feedback I’ve had regarding this shoot we definitely created the perfect cute, approachable, girlfriendy portfolio.

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