Sex Appeal For This Girl Next Door - Behind The Sekushi #1

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A little bit behind this shoot…

This is my wife, Tash Hamilton! Since we have kids, and want to be smart with money, we usually only shoot when we already have a nanny booked for a kid-free occasion, like my birthday drinks. I’ve always hated working on my birthday. But yeah, the answer was easy when my wife asked me to - how do you say no to a queen?

Recently my wife has had clearer ideas of what she wants for each of our shoots. This wasn’t always the case, and I think it comes from a better understanding of her business and the brand she wants to promote. But for this shoot, with just a few days to go, my wife was still unsure about her ideas.

She describes herself in her ads as ‘the girl next door with sex appeal’. Her last shoot was very soft and girlfriendy, so she wanted something raunchier to compliment her old photos, and to show her sex appeal this time. She just didn’t have a clear idea of how to communicate that.

I sent her a few risqué reference images of models taking their kit off, because I thought that was one way of doing so, but they didn’t feel 100% right to her. So she started looking at some of the togs whose images I sent, one being Aleksandr Mavrin, who had a few images of his partner, doing something sexy, but also with his legs or arms creeping into the frame. My wife thought the POV concept was HOT and we ran with it, taking a bunch of shots featuring my hands touching her, grabbing her and sliding off her lingerie.

I think we nailed it and the final images scream sex appeal. This worked so perfectly, one of her favourite images from the shoot, the ‘hand bra’ shot, matches one of the lines in her bio which reads ‘I have the softest tits you'll ever get your hands on’.

Not bad for a budget shoot either. The location was cheap, just a small Melbourne CBD apartment, no different from a place a client might request her to visit. She did her own hair and makeup. The Amelie Gold lingerie from @honeybirdette was bought using a gift card from a regular client. He got a few bts selfies which I personally think is mad, given how many times I ask my wife for a slutty selfie whenever she’s away!

Hope you enjoyed the read.

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