Shooting with purpose - Behind The Sekushi #4


If you follow my wife, you’ll know she loves to talk, so much so that ideally, she would want to attract clients who also want to talk…or perhaps listen…because it’s sometimes very hard to get a word in with her.  Her goal or the purpose of this shoot was to show her genuine self in her photos in order to continue not actually working a day in her life, because she would be doing with her clients, things she loved to do anyway. 

Do we socialize much in bed while we’re fucking? No, we talk in bars and restaurants and cafes, over cheese and wine and dinner. In fact, while my wife and I first met each other in a chatroom, we actually got to know each other over the coffees I brought to her, and the banana bread we shared. We haven’t stopped having quality time over coffee since, although we’ve ditched the banana bread in favour of poached eggs and avocado like the true millennials we are. 

So the idea to shoot in a café formed quickly. It definitely would not make sense to do another hotel or bedroom shoot, if our purpose was to try to communicate that talking, rather than sex, was high on the agenda. 

It also wouldn’t make sense to shoot in lingerie in a café, and made total sense to shoot in active wear because if my wife and I were going for a coffee, she’d either be in active wear or something as comfortable. Active wear can be sexy too, and I actually love seeing my wife head off to the gym for that reason. 

The funny thing is while there’s always someone in active wear in a café, it was hard to find inspiration images of people in active wear at cafés. Are people embarrassed to be in their active wear but not actually at the gym? Regardless, outfit was another easy decision and when we found the pink leggings and white crop at LornaJayne, Lennys in Albert Park with its gorgeous pastel palette and big beautiful windows made total sense. 

Our ideas were very quickly and easily shaped by the direction or purpose we had for this shoot. The purpose also had a more important role in helping attract the perfect clients my wife was looking for. Shooting with intent or purpose is for many reasons important to me and I’d like to elaborate more on that in future. If that’s something you’d like to see, let me know in the comments below.