Sekushi Somer Roadtrip 2017

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This summer, Sekushi is offering an exclusive opportunity limited to 6 individuals. As the home base, for a comprehensive portfolio update, shot over three full days, this offer features a $2,000 a night, multi-million dollar, luxury, four-bedroom residence in Somer (an hour out of Melbourne).

The luxury location offers various unique locations to shoot including modern designer living areas, unique bedrooms, a balcony with ocean views and a stunning infinity pool (see images below). The location is also a 40 minute drive to west-facing beaches for the perfect sunset beach photos. This should ensure unique images for each individual, despite shooting in the same location as everyone else. It is also highly unlikely that anyone has shot here before, or will shoot here in the future, so each individuals' images are sure to stand out.

Each day will be split into two to three sessions, with natural light being used in the morning and afternoon, and studio lights and flash lights in the evening. One of the unique aspects of the Somer Roadtrip is the opportunity for multiple individuals to be photographed simultaneously, rather than in individual time-limited blocks. This should ensure that all individuals enjoy the same lighting, whether good or bad, as well as opening up the possibility for collaboration with others in the form of duos and group shoots. As such, this opportunity may be perfect for those who work with others or would like to. 

The only limit on the number of looks for each individual is the time in a day available to shoot, and as always, pre-shoot style planning is included. As far as I am able to, I will work with each individual to develop unique styling concepts, on a first-in-best-dressed basis to avoid duplicity. However, if any individuals have similar styling concepts, and subject to approval of all interested parties, I would suggest that group shoots, could be a great solution to ensure that everyone gets the most out of any one styling concept. Some of the obvious concepts suitable for this location include:

  • standard lingerie shoots in the bedrooms;
  • cocktail making or cooking shoots in the kitchen;
  • evening dress shoots around the dining table, fire place or on the balcony;
  • flower petal or milk bath shoots in the modern bath tub;
  • fitness or yoga shoots in the garden;
  • bikini shoots in the pool and beach; and
  • endless other concepts.

Hair and make up is not included at this stage, but options are being explored. 

Included in this package are 20 free edits and further edits can be purchased. 

A mid-week date (Tuesday to Friday) is yet to be confirmed but with sufficient interest a date could be arranged before 14 December 2017, or alternatively, after 1 February 2018, to avoid holiday crowds at beach locations. 

This opportunity is priced at $1,500 per individual and includes 3 nights optional shared accomodation. Myself and my fiancee, Tash Cameron intend to stay there. Our four year old son may also be around during the day with his nanny. I also plan to arrange meals, the price of which is to be confirmed. The Balnarring Village Motor Inn is the nearest alternative accommodation.

This opportunity is hoped to be exceptional in value, given the number of looks possible, the unique location, the number of edits included, and by comparison to the cost for each individual organising their own shoots.

This exclusive opportunity will be open to the current recipients until the 31 November 2017 before being released to others.

Various luxury interiors

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Infinity pool and garden


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Beach location