Frequently Asked Questions

When can we shoot? 
Almost any time in Melbourne. Australia-wide and beyond by arrangement. 

Where can we shoot? 
Anywhere with big windows, white walls, plenty of natural light and colourful features work best to achieve the photos your used to seeing from Sekushi. It's up to you to arrange the venue, although I periodically arrange locations for my clients - check my pinned Twitter post for updates.

Should I book a HMUA?
Definitely! While hair and makeup is not included as part of my service, I can help with suggestions for great artists. 

Who picks the photos?
You! After the shoot I'll provide you with contact sheets and you get to choose your favourites. It can be hard to narrow hundreds of photos down to ten, so I'm always happy to help you narrow down your selections free of charge. 

How long until I get my photos or film? 
Turn around time for photos is approx. 4 weeks. For film it can take up to 12 weeks.

Can you help me with nerves? Its my first time shooting.
Around half of the clients I’ve worked with had never done a photoshoot before working with me. You can trust me as they have. I'm very good with direction, patient and can quickly put people at ease. Bring a bottle of champagne, some good music and even a friend if you're super nervous and let's start shooting!