"Andy is what I call a leading, emerging escort photographer. He is not rigid in his work style, which means he's receptive to ideas and inspirations, and will complement any creative direction you have to offer. Left to his devices he produces luminescent images, a boudoir feel to it, with vibrant colours and contrasts. He often works with natural light, but as mentioned before, seems open to suggestions with different methods. What I like about Andy is that he's easy to work with, he offers poses and constructive feedback on the day, and afterwards I don't feel his final images are a repeat of his previous work with others. He seems in-tune with the needs of sex worker post-production (skin tone, body shape, colouring), and has demonstrated patience and diligence with creating the final results. I would recommend Andy to anyone interested in finding a professional escort photographer."

-Estelle Lucas

Naomi Bloom.jpg

"With his kindness, dedication and detail to his work, my girlfriend and I were able to feel safe, comfortable and have a great photo shoot. He knows how to work on lighting, angles and capture special moments. Once he started giving us directions of poses and angles, we automatically knew that all photos would come out fantastic! And yes that did happen! We would love to work with him again. Thank you very much." 

-Naomi Bloom