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Sekushi is the Japanese word for sexy, and you are definitely sekushi. We all are! For the past 2 years Sekushi Studios has been collaborating with sex workers from around the world to create content that attracts their target audience, and emphases not only their sexiness, but their unique personalities and broad range of services. If these professionals trust me to deliver the goods, you can too, whether or not you are a sex worker. I would love for everyone to be able to say #iamsekushi!

With kindness, dedication and detail to his work, my girlfriend and I were able to feel safe, comfortable and have a great photo shoot. Once he started giving us directions of poses and angles, we automatically knew that all photos would come out fantastic! And yes that did happen! We would love to work with him again. Thank you very much.
— Naomi Bloom, Sydney based independent sex worker


I’m Andy. I’m a photographer and videographer in the amazing city of Melbourne. I love my wife, who is a sex worker (and my biggest client), my two kids, American Football, and date nights at the cinemas.

I also love capturing that sexiness that exists inside us all, whether you are an Aries or a Pisces. Almost all of my clients are in the business of selling sex, so I must be good at it. In fact, some of my clients will tell you that I’m a wizard.

I love planning shoots and I also work together with my clients to help them communicate their own unique brands to their audiences through the content we create, whether they are a giggly girlfriend, dominatrix or professional cinderella.

Sexiness to me is incredibly individualistic, and I can’t wait to help you communicate your very own personal brand of sexy.

Sekushi Studios is amazing & great to work with, highly recommend, thank you so much, I will definitely be using Sekushi again! #iamsekushi
— Natalie Summers, Sydney based independent sex worker
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