Sekushigram Shoots

Fresh photo shoot feels, without the fuss.

Ashton Banks

Ashton Banks

Tash Hamilton

Tash Hamilton

Sekushigram: Unique, high quality, editorial content, created together with Sekushi Studios, in minimal time and at minimal cost.
— Me

Introducing the Sekushigram Shoot - the new catchy name, for my most accessible photo package, perfect for the busiest of people, who care about their social media engagement and paid subscription services.

I know how much you value the fresh photo shoot hype, but sometimes you only have the capacity to organise your professional photo shoots once a year. Well, now you can get your social media audience clicking, and coming back for more, all year round, by giving them a steady stream of unique professionally created content, without the hassle that comes with organising your annual portfolio update.

The Sekushigram Shoot was designed with your budgets and time constraints in mind. It’s a flexible, on-call, editorial photography service, in neat little package, to assist you in keeping your notifications feed full, in between professional shoots. 

It is designed to be last minute, opportunistic, with minimal fuss, so location and hair and make up are not provided. Instead, do your own HMUA or go with a natural, no make-up look. Get creative and document the interesting things you get up to, because nowadays, if you don’t document it and put it online, it didn’t happen. Have something amazing planned? Bring me along. Just bought a new dress? Let me help you show it off. On tour and not as busy as hoped? Lets create some new content for future tours. Have a favourite restaurant? Let's eat!

Here are all the details:

Maximum shoot time: 1/2 hour for 1 look
Edits: 3 of your choice
Turnaround time: Approx. 1 week after selections
Cost: $300  
*Travel fees may apply