New things incoming!

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This is Kendall Heidi, who loves a good role play. You can find her on Twitter (@KendallHeidi2) However, this post isn’t going to be about her and her cute little nurse uniform, it’s about me and family life and only very slightly connected to the images lol.

Last Wednesday my wife and I woke up to both of our sons throwing up on us in the middle of the night. Earlier that day the youngest also shat all over me in a crisp fresh white shirt. That night I had a wicked fever and next day, I too had gastro… If any of you have kids by the way, I’d love to know. Let me know how many in the comments below.

The next morning, my wife escaped to Noosa for her fabulous hens weekend. Thank whatever higher power might exist, because we had long ago, pre-arranged for my mum to fly down that weekend and help me while my wife was away, and I needed all the bloody help I could get.

I’ve never been so tired. I spent the entire day in bed. I felt like I needed to sleep, even though I couldn’t. But I didn’t have the energy to get up and do anything either. It’s not that hard to walk 5m from my bed to my desk to do some work, even just to respond to emails, but I just couldn’t that day. I couldn’t even sit in bed and catch up on Netflix. I’m lucky my mum was here (this is her first visit in 5 months), because there was just no way I could deal with a baby, let alone a sick one, in the state that I was in. 

I’m devo because I could have crushed out so much work while my mum looked after the baby all weekend for me. But instead I slept for like 3 days. Yet despite the down time, and despite this being another stop in a year thats been so stop-start, this week I feel like I’ve finally found some rhythm, which I’ve been craving all year. So hopefully you’re noticing a lot of new content popping up here on this blog, and different kinds of post too as I experiment a little over the coming months. Let me know your thoughts if you’re enjoying any of this new stuff. Would love to hear from you!

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